Coaching with Iris Engelund

Iris engelund talent coaching
Apply your individual talents and increase your general wellbeing in life


You will gain a deeper understanding of your personal and individual talents, and you will know exactly when and in what situations they are being applied in your everyday life.

This gives you an increased awareness in your interactions with people around you in terms of communication and relationships.

Get inspired and learn specific methods to optimize your own personal performance and get better results when working towards your own wants and needs in your work life, private life and social life.


Enhance your life

Learn exactly what your unique talent combination means to you and your performance.

Get prepared to make stronger and more talented choices by knowing your passion and learning where your passion goes away.

Give yourself the gift of talents – so you can amplify your performance and reduce the number of failed experiments.


Start today

You can book my talent coaching here:

The duration will be 2 hours and can be tailored to match your specific needs.

You will receive a talent-screening during the coaching session, and you are able to add more sessions to the screening session.


About Iris Engelund

For more than 10 years I have worked strategically with both public and private enterprises and companies.

I help people reach their goals by screening and defining their talents in practice. Then I help them design a focused strategy in order to reach whatever they want from life.

I am available for speaking sessions, individual- and team coachings and leadership coachings.

Iris Engelund, sæt dit talent i spil

Vil du vide mere om talenter?

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Du vil modtage viden ca. 12 gange om året. 


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