Team day

Team Day with Iris Engelund

Apply your individual talents and create genuine work happiness

Team Day with Iris Engelund

I have designed the team day to increase your work happiness and your team efficiency in a humorous and different way than what is generally associated with ‘work’.

Everyone participating will gain a deeper understanding of how your brain is wired to specific unconscious talents.

This prepares you for dealing with conflicts, completing projects and tasks and the behaviour of your surrounding colleagues.

We are not going into the complex psychological human being you are, but addressing the simple logic translations your brain works with on a daily basis.


Empower your team

We are much more productive at work when we are motivated through our individual talents (Gallup, 2012).

Through a talent indicator I will reveal your teams’ unconscious logic and help you gain a thorough understanding of the different talent in a humorous and recognizable way.

Through the team day you will find several opportunities in the way the team members interact and cooperate with each other – and they will be more understanding of each other’s talent-DNA.


Start your team day today

The team day has a duration of 5 hours. You can book it here:

I will thoroughly perform a talent-screening of the different team members – their individual strengths, challenges and differences.

You will learn to maximize the level of work happiness in your team.

The team day can be followed by more sessions that we design specifically for your needs. 


About Iris Engelund

For more than 10 years I have worked strategically with both public and private enterprises and companies.

I help leaders and teams reach their wanted destinations and goals by focusing specifically on individual talents among the team members.

This approach enables the organization to optimize their internal work processes and understand how to maximize their internal effectiveness through the human potential that is already available there.

I am available for speaking sessions, individual- and team coachings and leadership coachings.


Iris Engelund, sæt dit talent i spil

Vil du vide mere om talenter?

Skriv din e-mail her og modtag løbende ny viden inden for strategisk talent-udvikling og hør om de erfaringer og resultater, der bliver skabt ved at sætte fokus på talenter. 

Du vil modtage viden ca. 12 gange om året. 


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